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The products on this page are Legacy Products that are no longer in production.


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The Versatility Of Pakula Dojo Pehe® Hybrids

You can:

- Troll Skooners as slow as 1.5 knots and up to 7 knots in calm conditions.

- Troll Destroyers as slow as 5 knots up to 9 knots in any conditions and in calm conditions up to 20 knots.

- Stop your boat and let them sink into bait schools and then troll the lures out of the bait schools back to the surface!

- Position them in a trolling spread in any position because if they aren't smoking their swimming.

- Cast them and retrieve them like a popper.

- Retrieve them with all the soft plastic retrieves you know.

- Retrieve them like any bibbed or bibless lures.

- Use them to catch all species of game fish in the big blue ocean.

- Twitch them on inshore and offshore reefs.

- Cast them over shallow reef and chase pelagics that normally eat poppers.

- Cast them at rock outcrops and snags

- Twitch them across sandbanks.

- Troll or cast them in estuaries, rivers and impoundments.

In fact you can use them in any conventional way you want.

The Dogo Pech Hybrids were designed as a game fishing lure but have proven to be be a very versatile lure. It's certainly exciting to have a lure that can be used in so many ways to target so many species.


 Please send you photos of fish caught on Dojo Peche Hybrids to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.