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The Aussie Plait

      THE AUSSIE PLAIT       

The Aussie Plait one of the best ways of forming a double line. The advantages are it is very quick to tie. You don't need anyone else to help you tie a lengthy double and when tied properly it doesn't weaken the line.


1 - Measure out the length of the double you want to end up with. A 15' double would need 30' of line. Add another 2' to use as the tag or loose end. NB the tag end is highlighted in green, the main line is highlighted in red.


2 - Simply loop the tag end over the main line and back under the tag end as shown. You now have three ends to work with.


3 - Moving the main line to the left go over the first line the under the tag end.


4 - Continue the plait by bringing the top outside line through the centre lines by going over the first line then under the next as illustrated. The length of the plait is not important. 1.5" on most line classes is plenty.


5 - It is quite important that the plait is tight. Pressure exerted by pulling the lines down tightens it to some extent. It is easier to tighten it by simply jerking the ends up as shown in yellow. Until you get used to doing the plait don't worry too much about how tight it is.


6 - To end the plait simply form a loop in the tag end and continue to plait for another 3 cycles. It is important that the loop is formed when the tag end is in the middle as shown.


7 - Feed the whole double through the tag end loop as shown.


8 - Pull the tag end up till the loop snugs up. Moisten it before you pull it up to lubricate the ends. Do not pull too tight as you'll bunch the plait up.


9 - Trim the tag end close to the plait as shown.

Practice the plait until you are confident in it's strength, get it as tight as possible,  even try breaking it through the rod. Once you're happy and confident with it, GO USE IT!