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Wildblue Hugh Johnson of ”Portland Bait and Tackle” is a 15 year old Junior took the biggest Tuna this weekend with $500 and leads the $5000 Comp .This 60 kg. Tuna bleed is a Pending Australian Junior 15 kg. Line class record also. Hugh was in there family boat with brother Sam ,Adam and Manuel Vella.The Tuna took nearly 2 hrs on 15 kg. Line. Hugh went out for dinner with Peter Pakula and myself and a dozen others last night. Hugh sat beside Peter and must have gained something out of that conversation.Peter has been in town this weekend and did a tackle talk the night before. The Tuna was caught on one of those famous Pakula lures.Plenty of school tuna and Albies on the tables today.
Portland Sport & Game Fishing Club This Saturday evening as part of the Portland Tuna competition and with the support of Fisheries Victoria, Peter Pakula will be sharing some of his vast knowledge on most things game fishing (might need a full week or three to cover it all). In particular, his companies skirted lures, from colour choice, head shape/size, rigging and spreads/positioning. As Australia's most successful lure manufacturer his insight will be priceless and given the success Pakula Lures have bought many fisherman in local waters via a range covering 4" to 12+" this is surely an evening to get along to. Whether your an "old sea dog" or "new" to Tuna fishing there will be something of benefit for everyone that attends. Entry is free but it is requested that those attending RSVP by commenting below.
Peter Another Back to Back Win - Tony Martin - Tutakaka New Zealand I must tell you that your legendary full size Lumo Sprocket Jet head snagged us 3 stripeys last month and was instrumental in us winning the Tutukaka One Base then the Tutukaka Small Boats a week later. 3 x Striped Marlin on full size Lumo Sprocket, 1 x Strped Marlin on full size Evil Angel Sprocket Thanks.....Tony Martin
Peter Today was one of those days that will stay with me forever. As a young competitive angler in New South Wales it was one of those aspirations to beat Billy Billson on Viking and he knew it. We never did, we came close, real close a few times and through all those years Bill remained a gentleman, actually answering any questions I had. In later years I'd actually troll with my boat under his outrigger - just a little cheeky. Today Bill came over to get a Memorial IGFA Smoking Jo we made in 1988 reskirted and gave me a signed photo of the fish it was used to switch which was the grander he got at the 50th in Cairns. Greatly appreciated Bill. You were and still are a great inspiration to this once skinny weak competitive game fisho!!
Luke Short vid of the pakula teaser in action today
Peter Really happy with how these came out. They are a special run of promo lures worked on with Mitch Birt for an upcoming PENN Australia realease. Thanks Mitch for this opportunity.
Peter Our hopes and wishes are for all our friends being safe as Debbie passes through the north. Good luck guys!
Peter There's been a lot of new products over the past few months. To make sure you don't miss out subscribe to our newsletter. Click the link below
Peter Just for Charles Wheeler Ice Cream Mint - yes it's been updated to MUTANT status - In stock now!
Peter IN STOCK - Updated Ice Cream Skirts
Peter Good news for trailer boats from Bill Pino of SQUIDNATION "Introducing the Low Rider Flippy Floppy Chain - The Low Rider Flippy Floppy Chain is 4 armed Flippy Floppy version of the original Flippy Floppy Thing designed for smaller vessels that troll their teaser directly off a rod tip or low on riggers. This rig was originally brought to us by Capt Mark “Hammer” Hill who said a version of this rig was highly successful for him in Venezuela in its hey day. When legendary lure maker Peter Pakula saw it he got excited as he had an idea and modified it for the Australian small boat market. The idea is to create a greater commotion in the front Low Rider Squids and have the trailing back predators chasing the commotion. The Low Riders more accurately show what a showering school looks like when being preyed upon. With some of side squids showering on the surface, some taking to the air and some going deep in a chaotic feed scene. Nothing excites a predator more then its prey feeding which leave itself vulnerable for an easy attack by the predator. This versatile teaser can be trolled weightless as a semi-surface teaser chain or add a cigar weight in front of the chain and it trolls nicely sub-surface as a small dredge bar." IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE NOW FROM PAKULA TACKLE
Peter A very special win for the team on Ambition with Ivan Bennett as skipper winning the NSW Interclub Tag and Release back to back with last weekends Shootout all on Pakula Lures. I fished with Ivan ever since we were kids on Rose Bay wharf until i moved to Queensland and I'm so happy that's he's accomplished these dream wins. Ivan has been our greatest supporter ever since I made my first lure and has to this day he's always been there for our family and business. I couldn't happier or more proud of him.
Josh After we tagged Karly Fooks's Marlin, the lure busted off and I wasn't letting my brand new Pakula lure (Peter Pakula) go.... so yes, I jumped in after it!
Peter Web sites are back up - they were overloading the servers. "In reviewing the MySQL error logs, it appears that the MySQL server had hit its limit for the number of concurrently open files, causing the error message you reported. This typically occurs when the server is experiencing a large number of concurrent requests. I have instead significantly increased the limit for the number of concurrent open files. This should prevent such issues in the future.' I guess that's not a bad thing :)
Peter the Pakula websites are down at the moment or not working correctly. Hopefully they'll be up or repaied within the next 24 hours
Peter Some old colours updated with new additives and back in the Pakula and now available.
Fishing Station Had a great day off Sydney with Jeremy Voltz. Jezza landed and released a lovely Black Marlin caught trolling a Pakula lumo sprocket on 15kg tackle. 40-50 fathoms looked the most fishy today with lots of bait and birds working. Get out there whilst the fish are in close.
Trevor Headed out with just 2 on board and got to 120 M line and put in 5 lures and headed NE. About 1 hour later the Long Rigger went off and before we could react the fish was lost, 2 mins later the Shottie went off and we were on, 20 mins later we had tagged a 100 kg Blue to Capn Ramjet. Lures back in and stayed in same area and hour later the Long Rigger went off a real lazy bite, we had cleared all other lures and line was just ticking off, Scotty was harnessed up think we had a big dollie, how wrong were we, next second a 200 kg Blue launched it self out of the water and headed east for 400M, this was stubborn fish but it was tagged. Back the lures go and staying in same area, we had another bite in about 1 hour on Long Rigger (the Pakula Lumo Sprocket was red hot), 20 mins had a 160 kg Blue tagged for Capn Ramjet. All 3 tagged fish we never going to be lost extremely well hooked, one picture shows the hook going through the top of the bill in 2 spots. We saw bait all day and were marking fish and 2 of them we marked a few minutes earlier than the bite. The best day I have had on Ramjet doing HT on the GC for a long time. Ended up 4 4 3.
Sam Got another little black yesterday Peter Pakula out of the dinghy......only run 3 shredders at all times with light trace.......for fishing from small boats with no riggers these things run so well it's not funny. Cheers


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