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Portland Lee Breakwater Catches and Tuna fishing reports Matty Hunt and crew picked up a barrel going 115.8kg after a 3 hour fight in Portland today 25/6/16...along with their bag of school fish...great work guy's
Matthew Hunt Fishing Services Portland Tuna Bit of excitement🎣👍👌thanks Peter Pakula 👌few spots Mon call Matt on 0419760510 to get on board
Weipa Billfish Club Inc. Look what just turned up!! Thank you to our major lure sponsor - Pakula Tackle for once again coming on board for our major tournament this year. Remember our comp is just around the corner so support the ones that support us. Check it out -
The Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament Congratulations to MARLIN GULL & team for taking 1st Place at the end of Day 1 & winning the Fabulous Fisherman category!
Peter Wanganella Banks New Zealand 2016 on Bwana II Toby Brastling I'll get the stas for you, but lumo Med Sprocket Jet got 31 and we only straightened one of those great new hooks of yours at 22 for the one set of hooks.
IGFA Kona Blues - Where do they go? “When the IGFA Great Marlin Race (IGMR) was created, the vision of late IGFA chairman Packy Offield was to make all satellite tag data freely available to scientists and fisheries managers around the world.” The first Great Marlin Race was launched in 2009 in celebration of the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament's (HIBT) 50th Anniversary and last year, the marlin research program returned to the HIBT for its seventh birthday where ten tags were generously sponsored and deployed during and in the weeks following the 56th HIBT. Last year, we had an incredible reporting rate of 90% with four of the nine reported tags reaching the full, programmed deployment duration of 240 days! Just one of those tags, though, recorded a remarkable linear distance of 2,933 nautical miles (nm)! Congratulations to Laguna Niguel Billfish Club Teams 1 & 2 for their marlin that traversed the Pacific from Hawaii to Mexico in 241 days! Tag sponsors Bob & Sally Kurz, Robert Chavers, Robert Dudley, and Chuck Salinger have won free entry to the 57th HIBT, a prize set up by the tournament to thank participants of this important research program. Not only is this distance the longest recorded from a Pacific blue marlin tagged during any HIBT IGMR, but this distance is currently in the running (against 63 other billfish) for first place for the entire IGMR race season! Thanks to the nine tags reported this past year, we observed that the blue marlin followed the common trend of southeast movements, with only one marlin crossing the equator. However, marlin traveled farther north than ever previously observed. We believe this occurred from a strong El Nino developed in the Pacific (and peaked in the winter of 2015) which produced above average surface temperatures and likely created more warm, usable habitat in the northern hemisphere. This is important because as the Pacific Ocean continues to warm, there may be increased suitable habitat in the northern hemisphere with less need to move south and cross the equator. Also thanks to the support and participation from the HIBT angling community, our colleagues at Stanford University were able to put multiple years of HIBT data to good use by submitting the first scientific manuscript from the IGMR for publication in a peer-reviewed journal! By using five years of tagging data from the HIBT (2009-2013), the study explored the effects low oxygen and low temperature on the vertical and horizontal movements of Pacific blue marlin. Their findings suggest that as low oxygen and low temperatures occur at shallower depths, marlin stop diving as deeply. Their findings also suggest that the decrease in temperature in equatorial waters (a characteristic associated with La Niña conditions) could create a barrier to southward trans-equatorial movement, which could potentially lead to a break in marlin populations between the northern and southern hemispheres. As we begin the 57th HIBT, we hope you will consider sponsoring a satellite tag because it is the only way we can learn more about billfish behavior in an effort to increase their conservation and protect the sport we love for future generations of fishing. AFTCO - American Fishing Tackle Co. Peter Pakula Pakula Lures and Tackle #fishscience #fishforscience #igfa #joinigfa #fishigfa #supportigfa Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Hawaii News Now Hawaii – Pelagic Chris Galati Tracy Melton
Josh Caught and released 3 big blues in three days out of Charleston, SC USA This being the biggest girl measuring at least 800lbs. All with Pakula hooks, they have an amazing hook up and we wont run another hook from now on with our lures...!!
Peter Another way to bend / bust hooks The lure is an Original Pakula Medium Sprocket that has a head diameter of 30mm. The rig in the lure is a size 25/25 with a hook gape of 25mm so the clearance to hook the fish is only 10mm as you can see in the photo. The minimum size hook should have a gape = head diameter and preferably one size larger than that. With only 10mm exposed the hook gets point loaded and often bends or breaks regardless of the make of hook. Please use the correct sized hooks in lures regardless of what your mates or social media reports. We make our living out of you guys catching fish! not raising them, not hooking them and not landing them does us no good at all! (and I'm pretty sure you'd rather catch them too!)
Peter part of our service is advice on Pakula Lure spreads and trying to sort out your jigsaw of assorted lures
YouFishTV The YouBoat was out in the rough weather of the Southern Ocean over the weekend for her first tuna trip of the season. This 84kg fish was lucky angler Alex Cimpoesu's first Bluefin After losing another bigger one late last year. Plenty of big tuna action is in the process of being edited and will be uploaded to our Youtube channel as soon as possible. - Dave Bar Crusher Boats SHIMANO Australia Fishing
Peter Thanks for the report Wayne! Greatly Appreaciated.
Tranquilo Charters Proud to call this guy our teammate! Way to go Bill - Tranquilo Charters is proud of you!!!!
"PAKULA" Game fishing night "PAKULA" Game fishing night Peter Pakula is known throughout the fishing industry for his expansive knowledge backed up with extensive field testing, and constant improvement delivering industry leading fishing tackle and lures. He is also widely recognised for his willingness to share his knowledge, expertise and ideas. Clarkie is cooking his famious 'ROAST ROLLS' (included in the entry fee). $20 for WOLGFC Members $30 for non WOLGFC Members. Entry strictly by pre purchased tickets only. To purchase your ticket please click the link below.
Peter Lucky angler, unlucky fish or??? 18th Jan from Jason Vroegh: I thought the hooks were supposed to do the job not the D shakle. Unlucky stripy out of Raglan NZ ony mates boat couple days ago through you may want to see
Peter Warrnambool 26th May. Please click on the link
Richard After a very long wait our world record has been approved awesome feeling. Thank for a great product Peter Pakula
Warrnambool Offshore & Light Game Fishing Club Exciting opportunity brought to you by WOLGFC, Salty Dog Charters, Pakula Tackle and Warrnambool Holiday Park We have some excellent opportunities on Friday 27th May 3 spots fishing available with none other than the ‘FAMIOUS’ Leur maker PETER PAKULA!! On board fantastic WOLGFC club sponsor and Barrel Magnet ‘Salty Dog Charters’. Dan will pick the best place to launch depending on the tuna bite over the last few days and could fish from Warrnambool, Port Fairy or Portland and potentially be hunting big fish on the back end of the May full moon. • WOLGFC financial club member early bird opportunity x 2 First in best dressed at $275 per head (2 spots only) • Facebook Auction (open to the public) Highest bidder wins this opportunity to learn from the Leur making ‘GURU’ where, what and how to run his gear and pick his brains on how to effectively and efficiently angle feisty tunas to the boat. (this Auction will be closing on Saturday 21th May at 6:00pm, Winning bidder will be given 24 hours to pay for this place on the vessel. If payment hasn’t been received the 2nd highest bidder will be given 24 hours to pay and so on until the spot is paid for). Please read the below clauses before bidding. • *PLEASE NOTE* Peter will only be going fishing on the day if the sea is in a good fishable condition (under 12-15 knots) No refund will be given if Peter decides his back is not up to a day on the water. NO REFUND will be given if this is case. However if Salty Dog is happy to fish and if all the ticket holders also wish to fish the charter will proceed. If the Charter does not go ahead Salty Dog Charters will make the vouchers redeemable for a weekday charter at another time (pending if he can get a minimum of 4 others to fill that charter). • There will also be a Raffle on the Thursday night (26th May) with the 1st prize being the last spot on the boat (we understand this is the following day and doesn’t suit everyone who do not have the flexibility with their employment, but it’s the best we can offer sorry!) If you’re feeling lucky if might pay to organise the day off in advance!! Please like this post and tag your friends who you think would be interested in one of these opportunities!! Thanks and Good luck!!!!


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