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Peter Hi Peter,Jo. Thought I would just send you my brothers email. You helped me with the order for him which I took over to South Africa in January. Looks like it paid off for him. My brother is the guy with the goaty beard and wearing the long jeans in the middle on the left of the guy with the cup. These guys all fish from ski boats which they launch off of beaches as ramps are very few and far between. All the best, Mike Moore. Begin forwarded message: For your information the Pakula 3d print lures did their job Lumo green) and brought a nice 14,6kg Yellow fin tuna to the boat on 6kg line which is a 189 point fish using IGFA rules, points we were able to double by getting species and a multiplication factor, which in turn gave Jorg Schulz top angler of the tournament, Nauti Boy top boat of the competition and Nomads top club out of the 6 SGDSAA clubs taking part. As Captain “ek was baie gelukkig” ( I was very happy)-is the translation. Regards Mitchell Moore
Peter from Michael Fava 5 hrs · Eden NSW Greatest day of my fishing life with my dad, have wanted to get him a marlin for so long well we got two in 70m, 11km out front of twofold after getting hammered by waves early on. Both fish the same Pakula lumo sprocket the massive one was released the small one kept. Last day of our week has been a good one.
Doug 154.5 Kg Blue on a Pakula lure .. Fish came up close to dead after just 45 min fight but made huge initial runs..
Peter Stephanie Osgood Choate on the wire In Exmouth fishing the Happy Ending Tourney on Peak Sportsfishing with her dad Tim Choate on the rod, skipper Eddie and mate Muzza.
Peter In Exmouth fishing the Happy Ending Tourney on Peak Sportsfising with Stephanie Osgood Choate dad Tim Choate skipper Eddie and mate Muzza on a 5 tag day.
Brad Pete, we raised this blue on a Rat (blue angel) today I borrowed from a friend, it was hot on the sails also, releasing 18 sails and 1 for 2 on blues for the day.
David Granville Photography Peter, as you know i have mainly fished on fully crewed gameboats for the past 15 odd years and have been an advocate for bait n switch marlin fishing. While i have teased more marlin than i care to remember with your lures over those years i rarely put hooks in them and subsequently rarely got photos of fish with your lures. Recently getting back into trailerboat gamefishing either short handed or even solo forced me to start trolling lures with hooks. I was expecting atrocious conversion rates compared to bait and switch but i have to provide credit where it is due. It is very early days but so far i have gone 5 from 5 on your lures and hook rigs - 3 blacks and 2 blues. All fish eating the Grasshopper Sprocket on the long rigger. Although that conversion rate can't last forever even if it stays close to that i will be happy...
Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures How many hundreds, if not thousands, of aggressive billfish has this Pakula Medium Sprocket seen behind the 'Decisive' over the past two seasons? It soft-head and superb action make this lure a great flat-line or rigger teaser, they last forever but it may just be time to replace this one! Pakula Lures and Tackle
SHOK Fishing Tournaments The winner for the Pakula Lures and Tackle competition will be announced this afternoon. Stay tuned!
Peter Peter has to be one of the most generous guys going. Always prepared to share his extensive knowledge and easy to communicate with. Why anyone needs to shop offshore for any of their Bluewater needs has me beat when we have such an awesome Australian running an Australian business
Peter We have a great deal of pride when we are able to talk to our customers to sort out which lures, rigs and set-up suits their boat and it's really great to get the feedback. We make a huge range of heads, skirts and rigs because each boat s different, each set up on each boat model is different so we can advise on which lures and colours with which rigs will suit your individual needs, From NZ "Hi Pete and Jo Since buying a set of lures off you two months ago we have had some great success!!! The day after receiving the lures we went out off Gisborne and hooked a Marlin after just putting out the shotgun. Lure would have been in the water for one min!!! Unfortunately it came out of the water 400m away shaking its head and threw the hook. Since then we have had 3 makos a spearfish, blue and striped marlin when running your lures. The blue was at 7:40am after trolling for ten mins. Went back in and weighed blue then headed back out about midday and after 20 mins trolling we had a 117kg stripey!!! It was both my and Marks first marlin and first marlin for the boat. Mark has had a bad run dropping over ten marlin before our trip out. Both marlin took the same lure. The beer gut. Thanks for rigging the lures they have a great hook up ratio so far!!! After many many days trolling and putting in some big hrs it is hard to explain the buzz on the boat afterwards. Thanks alot for your help making a day we will never forget!!! Regards Pete"
Band of Brothers Fishing Some days it all just falls into place.....Iain, my son Franco and myself headed off Botany Bay for a general social fish. I was keen to give some new lures a run that Peter Pakula sent over during the week. They did not disappoint! We managed to tag an est 200kg Blue, short length 2.7m, followed by a nice healthy Stripe Marlin of around 90kg. This was all after midday! We spent the morning catching a good feed of Kings "on the way out" that ended up taking up half the day as it was red hot inshore. We spent the last hours of daylight searching for a Black to complete the Grand Slam, but alas it was not to be this time. The Lure the Blue fell too was a Pakula Pacemaker Jet new Lumo in Billy B Colour. The Stripe fell to the trusty ol Evil.
Juan Pakula Lure
Alistair Pakula Dojo light gauge hooks are heading to Leading NZ Game Tackle stores next week... We have size 25 & 30 hooks coming and its a SOLD OUT pre-order so get in quick!! Pete tells me the order is packed and ready to go via FEDEX on Monday, so Wed should be the day... We also have more lures coming especially Med sprockets and standard sprockets as well as more lumo shredders...
Hardus So about 8 moths ago I made a decision to change from reef fishing to be fully committed to game fishing. Ive sent a few messages to Peter Pakula and what I got back was more than I have expected. He suggested a spread and the rigging involved and even the line class. So I signed up to the sunshine coast game fishing club and persisted with the spread that Peter suggested, it's now almost mid February and I have landed heaps of black marlin, 1 sail fishing an numerous mahi mahi. I would like to thank Peter Pakula for his professionalism and boundless support to all the questions asked.
Peter The Shipment of Dojo Hooks has arrived so for the time being we have all sizes in both Light and Heavy Gauge.
Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic June 1-7, 2015 at the Golden Nugget Casino Hotel Biloxi
Daniel First black on the short corner with a cockroach awesome lures
Peter Pakula TriBuffs are back in stock. Sorry for the delay
Dove Charters Ltd Day 3 kawhia one base & it doesn't get any better than this! Awesome work Shay 1st Marlin caught on the Clansman! Those dreads are coming off!!
Peter Nice to get feedback re our partnering with clubs. "Hi Peter and Jo, I know you probably always receive picture from people all over the world but thought I would pass these pictures on to you. Picture is Kynan Clark from Ulladulla GFC who fished aboard Freedom this past weekend. Kynan has Tagged and Released his first ever Marlin. This fish fell victim to one of your lures that was won at the 41st Shoalhaven Open Tournament last year. The owner of Freedom Don "GONZO" Goswell fished aboard one of our Champion boats last year and opted to choose one of the lure rolls that you supplied to us. Regards Liz Secretary Shoalhaven GFC"
Peter Nice milestone today, our first order of lures going to a retailer in China, almost as good as selling lures to Yamas in Kona in 1989
Peter Well Jo finally booked her trip to Paris at the travel expo today, as part of a 3 week river cruise through Europe. She didn't hold back going for the Royal Suite on a Scenic Tour. It was less than 3 years ago Jo had to put groceries back on the shelf because we didn't have the money to pay for them. It's because of the support of many of you that has made Jo's dream come true. Thanks for that! You only live once --------- if your lucky!
Peter These new lures are in stck and available, though numbers are limited


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