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Wildblue Portland todayu again;Today as a lot alredy know the biggest came in at "164.3 kg."The World IGFA record is 167.5 kg. which was claimed at Tathra in 2009 N.S.W.So 3 kg. is in world record range for somebody!!.The las t biggest Tuna was caught in 2010 and weighed 156.4 kg.There been other ; 154.5 kg.153.4 kg.Today also one was weighed at 152.5 kg.Today 10 Tuna weighed here totalling now 107 big Tuna to today in last 2/3 weeks.Note all these biggest Tuna and some others we will post after were caught on the "Famious Pakula Lures". as seen in photos.The 164.3 kg. Tuna and the other 111.8 kg. ccaught out same boat'Haines Hunter Club Members" in a Haines Hunter;Brad Parkinson,Greg Hurst,Luke Meli,"the big Tuna" and Adam Mason.
Peter The photos of a double barrel hook up tell the stoy !!
Rascals We are very lucky to have some great kids in our area that drop by to entertain us at Pakula Tackle.
Peter Peter Pakula Congratulations Michael Lassen! You certainly cleaned up the trophies this year!! Great Job!
Peter Now in stock at Pakula Tackle 4 sided 4" blade hook files I know a lot out there wouldn't know what these are for so here's a video about their use:
Wildblue Portland today;only a few boats out but the biggest at nilly 143 kg.Thrank Siciliano,Dom Hunt and Justin Azopard with the 143 kg. and a aprox 99 kg. also.Note the famious "Pakula" lure for the big boy in the photo.
Hooked On Bait and Tackle They're in!!! Express delivery and restock of Pakula's are here. Bound to go fast again, don't miss out!
Matthew Hunt Fishing Services Squids Happy 👍🎣
Peter I guess this will go down as TUNA WEEK Congratulations Amy Jobson on your World Record Tuna!! Lure was an Evil Angel Sprocket.
Wildblue Portland today again;1 at 108.6 of Greg Goepel,another a Jamie Peel with 96.2 kg.Another of 105 and some of these fell for the "Pakula Trap " also.
Wildblue Portland; a good share of these Barrels have been caught on these well known "Pakula Lures" and in recent years also as can been seen in the photos.This give a guide of some size and colors that have worked.
Pakula Lures 011 Outrigger Demo Raw scene from Between The Lines 2 'Revelations' due for release in 2010
Peter The Pakula Digger is back in stock in limited quantities. Lumo Pink Only
Wildblue Portland today;These two Tuna 1 at 128.2 kg. and 88.8 kg. both caught on the Famous Pakula Lures;Daniel Sullivan with the b88 kg one,Ben Haynes with the 128.2 kg. one.
Peter When your significant other (you serious) frowns about your lure purchases show them this set of 32 rigged and sharpened bunch of Pakula's on their way to Connecticut USA.
Hooked On Bait and Tackle Massive congratulations to great customers Robbie and Amy from Team Jiggy-Jig! Two awesome Portland tuna taken this morning, Pakulas dojng the job!!
Peter Frigate MT Skirt. Who would have ever thought of a Black and Violet Skirt that was Lumo and UV as well?


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