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Shredder Article by Aaron Concord - Australian Boat Mag Nov 2014 Thanks Aaron concord and Brenda Brendon Van Ras
Peter Pakula Just in today re Pakula Dojo Light hooks Thu 20/11/2014 01:23 PM VANUATU GAME FISHING FW: Dojo Hooks Thought you might like that read bellow..... my two boat fishing 2nd and 3rd being the new comer Kiwi team on Mama Mia ... Rudy tagged 2 blue and 1 sail on day 1 ( all on Dojo and Pakula Sprockets ) and saw none on day 2 , I tagged 2 blue on day 1 including one 250KG + on 15KG ( All with Dojo light ) and dropped one but unfortunately saw none as well on day 2 .... Cheers , Hervé From: Nigel Kittow Sent: Thursday, 20 November 2014 2:03 PM To: Subject: Dojo Hooks Hi Herve, I would like to thank you for the advice I received from Rudi in your shop on using the Dojo hooks instead of conventional game hooks. Since we arrived in June we were zero hookups from six marlin strikes using single mustads set as far back as allowable in the lure skirt. We were discussing the PVGFC 15kg Tournament and he recommended to change to double rigs of the fine gauge Dojos despite being a rival skipper!!! I liked the look of the hooks so changed over 6 of my favourite lures. We went out for a practice run the day before the tournament and released one marlin at around 80kg and a boated a 25kg yellowfin. As you know we hit a purple patch of form in the tournament releasing another four marlin and comfortably winning the opportunity to compete at the World Offshore Fishing Competition. We had gone from 0/6 to 5/5 with the hook change. We then went out for a few hours a couple of days later and raised another fish which had three real attacks on the lure, peeled off 20m of line then dropped off. For some reason my deckie had used a lure without the Dojos!!! I will only use Dojos from now on and will be changing over to heavier gauged ones now we are back on heavier line weights. Please thank Rudi as I am certain we would not be going to Costa Rica without the advise he gave us. Regards, Nigel Kittow "Mamma Mia"
Peter Pakula I just love the look on Ricks face - dream come true "Hi Peter, got good results at hervy bay chasing baby blacks with your skirts, thanks for your advise and interest in the lead up to the trip. Much thanks Rick Benos"
Icebraker "Aura" The Pakula Icebreaker Aura is a lure designed as a skip-bait for mirror calm conditions, particularly for trailer boats with no, or short outriggers As seen in the video previously posted
Ever thought of trolling a 5 to 8" skip-bait on those dead flat days when lures are sluggish without increasing speed and fuel bills? 7" Icebreaker Aura on the Shotgun skittering along and Shredders on the long and short. What do you think? Thanks for the Video - Brendon van Ras
Swordfish & Tunny Club To celebrate our 80th Anniversary we've had struck a Limited Edition run of Pakula Paua Hothead Medium Sprocket Lures, in five different skirts. You can see from the images, they look amazing and include our club logo with special 80th Anniversary Decal embedded as the...
Icebreaker - Freeborn Today was the 100th Anniversary of Australian Soldiers going off to World War 1. I felt compelled to do something in appreciation of the freedom those and the many soldiers that followed so we can have the freedom we have today. So I did what I can, designed a lure I've named the "Freeborn". Hope you like it. It's a rough print. I just wanted to finish it on the anniversary 1st November 2014
Ambition 271014 First Marlin of the 2015 season for Sydney Game Fishing Club - caught from Ambition by Micky Dopyle.
Peter Pakula It's not just lures they copy. and it's not just China that copies. This is an email from US based company that has gone out to many retailers: "Dear Dealers/distributors/tackle shop retailers, In the past few weeks my number of inquiries for the hook known as "Pakula Dojo/Peche" have increased 10x or more. We are a private manufacturer serving the OEM part of the industry. I am sure you are all aware HOOKS are made private labeled FOR most companies, with few exceptions(Mustad is Mustad). WE are primarily a stainless steel hook manufacturer but on occasion for large runs do carbon steel as well. I am pleased to announce that we are expanding our production to keep up with the demands on similar styles of hooks. WE DO NOT PACKAGE we only do BULK OEM and can produce ANY stainless hook you desire. We offer a hook in 15mm, 20mm 25mm 30mm 35mm in the regular wire (some call it a "DH" and also in a heavy wire some call this the DHX")"
My New Light Tackle Reels for the Coming Season (6 photos) They came out way too nice to take fishing!! Thanks for doing an amazing job!! Each reel also has their respective positions engraved !! No need to ask, the answer is NO you can't borrow them!!


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