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OKUMA New Zealand A few more photos from the Peter Pakula talk last night in Tutukaka. Fantastic turnout, great audience and a huge amount of information shared by Peter. There are now going to be a lot of Northland anglers catching a whole lot more gamefish. Off to Clevedon tonight, Tauranga Thursday night and Silverdale Friday night. Come along and get the knowledge!
Perfeita Fishing Team After a amazing friday where the bites were crazy, today the conditions were not ideal, but we released 1/1 blue marlin and a white marlin double header .. The Pakula Lures and Tackle 3D's still catching them .. Always on IGFA and The Billfish Foundation rules .. AFTCO - American Fishing Tackle Co. gloves ..
Peter Our move has begun. We'll try and keep disruptions if any to a minimum and should be fuully operational in the new premises by next Thursday the 10th November.
Shaun Whale It's not every day you get amazing customer service and I thought it was worth sharing a recent experience I had with Pakula Lures and Tackle. I lost one of my favourite marlin lures to an angry blue marlin and contacted Pete at Pakula that night to find out what lure it was, because I wanted to replace it. That single lure has accounted for more blues than any other lure in my spread. Instantly he was in contact with me and advised me which one it was and where I could purchase another. It was a lot more than just trying to sell me one of his products, this is a guy who lives and breathes fishing and genuinely wanted to help me out. Straight away another was in the post plus some other goodies! Amazing company and amazing lures!
Peter Happy 23rd Anniversary Jo. Thanks for another great year. I love you more and more every day.
Peter NZ, see you soon!
The Captain Peter Pakula shares a simple trick that'll increase your hook-up rate in less than 10 seconds.
Peter Home at last Great flight on Singapore Airlines with Jo having breakfast in bed. It was all good. Now back to work, maybe :)
Peter Feb 2017
Peter The chap who contacted me sounded so keen we just felt compelled to help out his club even though the membership is currently 30 members. With comittee guys like Dave Cobra I've got a feeling it's going to get bigger. Good luck guys!!
Peter Now IN STOCK
Peter Also released at AFTA is the return of the Crystal Flash Uzi, Micro Uzi and Fluzi. Slight problem though. They are all sold overseas. More coming in about two weeks.
Peter Pakula Stainless Steel Leader Protector Springs now available Packs of 20 Sizes in mm : 1.00 1.50 1.80 2.00 2.20 2.50
Peter See you there!
Solomoni Ethel reef going crazy guys....
Marlin Magazine Live at Pakula Lures at ICAST
Peter Had a few bites @pakulasprocket


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