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Compleat Angler Geelong We've done it again!! Peter Pakula will be in-store to talk all things game fishing on Thursday 26th November. Make sure you give us a call to lock in your seat 52723201
GAMEX Exmouth WA Pakula Lures and Tackle #gamex2016 #gamexexmouth #pakulatackle
Peter Our November Newsletter is out. Please subscibe if you hane't already. Please copy and past the link to your browser
Peter From: Mike Mason 23rd November 2015 Hi Peter, the winning fish in this weekend’s Marlin Competition in the Seychelles. Here are some photos with your Lure... That Lure worked for me in Cape Verde with Brad Philips and now again on my boat... Estimated at 250kgs Black Marlin Also got this 71kg yellow fin a few weeks ago with the same lure. I absolutely love that lure (Shaker Jet in Frigate color) ... You catch everything on it!
Perfeita Fishing Team 3rd leg of Rio Marlin Tournament: 100% convertion rate! 2 White Marlins, 1 Sailfish and 2 Dorados! Congratulations to our friends at Alhambra/Sunset for the 1st place winning! On Pakula Lures and Tackle 3D's!
Peter More Pakula Lure Patterns
Sam Pete fished breaksea for the last 3 days for 12 from 18 blacks and a mahi All caught on shredders bar one which fell to a beer gut and no not mine!! Probably should have entered the comp in hindsight Once again thanks for lures Cheers
Peter More information / article here:
7 Local News Wide Bay Dozens of fishermen with big dreams and fat wallets have arrived in Hervey Bay for the annual Game Fishing comp. The anglers are spending up big on fuel, food and accommodation. #7News #Fishing #HerveyBay
Peter Now that Len is coming on-board full time and we have a regular 'Rigger" we are very happy to bring back the "Ratpacks" and other lure packs with several rigging options. Many of the heads will be our latest Lumo (yes it's our trade mark so we can use it!) heads.
Wildblue Portland Tuna fishing reports; today 1 Tuna of 125.8 kg. weighed in by John Vella and Marcus Falzun on another "Pakula Evil Lure".We hurd of another droped by one.Today we also caught one big Tuna for 35 minutes while bottom bouncing on a Electric Reel which we chased for a while which ended up being a waste of time. One Snapper of 8.8 kg. caught by Alan Brown on the "Lee Breakwall" today.Another Snapper of 7.2 kg. caught by Lee Brown same location today.Next Whiting catch by Peter Greenland.
Graham Thank you Peter for your fantastic presentation at the BBGFG meeting last night. Extremely enjoyable and informative. I now want you to come back and do Part 2.
Peter Joey finishing off 150kgs of Pakula stuff for NZ!!!
Wildblue Portland Tuna fishing report; today only the one boat,Matt Cassar,Moses Sawiris and Niel Kerbage who lost one yesterday after 2.5 hrs. today caught this 112.1 kg this morning in the 48 metre water on yet another "Pakula Evil Lure.
Peter Everyone wants to get in on the act :) Maybe we need to name this colour "Grasshopper" to also be called "Kermit"
Peter 14th Barrel for the season on Fuzz Pacemakers for John Nauticalstar in South Australia out of 20 for the season so far!!! Great effort!
Wildblue Portland Tuna fishing report;Tuna in photo caught by Luke Tabacco with help from James Caruso and crew.This 133.5 kg. Tuna was the second hooked Tuna both on "PAKULA" lures today.The Lure is in one photo.The other 3 photos are of the 2 Released Tuna today of Kevin Agius and crew.There were other Tuna Hooked up by a couple of boats and lost in the 48 metre water.Not a lot of boats on the water today.
Wildblue Portland Tuna fishing report; today 7 Tuna weighed up to 145 kg.Some released by some and some released by the Tuna.Bradley Merit had a 127 kg. Tuna his the young bloke in photo by himself fishing with his dad.James Caruso and his dad 2 days in a row ,todays 124 kg. and lost one also on "Pakula Evil".Joe Startari and Martin Scicouluna with a 110.9 kg. on a "Pakula Evil".Glen Woods,Ross Bronni,Rob Verzinonee with there 99.7 kg.AnthonyVirgato crew with 94 kg.Kevin Agius with 145 kg,111.5 kg, and released another.Richie Abela also released a Tuna today.Most of these Tuna out of 35/45/60 metre water .3 Tuna were caught today on the "Famous Pakula Evil" color lure that have been around for over 35 years ..
Perfeita Fishing Team These are US! 100% made in Rio .. IGFA and the The Billfish Foundation rules. Powered by: Biscayne Rod - Makers of Fine Fishing Rods, VEEM Propellers, FLIR Systems, JL Audio, Fusion Marine Entertainment, Lindgren-Pitman Inc., Icom America Inc, Raymarine, Caterpillar Inc., Pakula Lures and Tackle, Murray Bros. Originals, KOHLER Generators, Amaral Lures, GoPro, Lee's Tackle, Inc.
Peter New Pakula Lures - Oct 2015 From Left to Right: - Paua Wombat shown for size reference - size 55. - Paua Cannonball Jet which is a size 65 This lure is a much larger version of the Pacemaker Jet - Paua Cannonball which is a size 65 This lure is a much larger version of the Pacemaker - GI Jo Jet which is a larger version of the Smoking Jo based more on the Smoking Jo version that Bob Ash got the most striped marlin, eleven, in one day on in NZ, but this is a much bigger lure. - GI Jo which is a larger version of the Smoking Jo based more on the Smoking Jo version that Bob Ash got the most striped marlin, eleven, in one day on in NZ, but this is a much bigger lure. - Changa 65 Jet is a much bigger version of "The Changa Locknut" which is a size 40 - Changa 65 is a much bigger version of "The Changa Locknut" which is a size 40 - Changa 40 is the size we have done since 1988. Deadly! It's only taken 27 years to do the size range!! Size 40 is the same size as the Sprocket and Rat - Changa 35 is the same size but bulkier tha the Medium Sprocket and Mouse - Changa 25 is the same size as Mini Sprockets, Phantoms and Cockroaches. - Changa 15 is the same size as Zippers and Mosquitoes There are more lures to be released over the next month. I know it's crazy to keep adding lures to our already stupidly massive range, but it's what I love about this usiness, so it's not about the stop anytime soon! I hope you like them, try them and catch lots of fish on them!! Please note delivery could be up to 3 weeks as we get stock levels up.
Peter Looks like Richard Greven went fishing with his mate Clint Addlington scoring a world record claim 115.55kg on 15kg using a Pakula Evil Angel Medium Sprocket !!
Sam went chasing micro billies off fraser Peter with the shredders being the standouts on the billies and in every position with or without riggers.cheers
GFAA Great to have Pakula Lures and Tackle supporting the Junior Tournament auction with a range of inovative game fishing lures, the “go to” skirted lure for Gamefishes. Bidding on 13 lots of Pakula Lures can be found at the below link. Good Luck!


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