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The products on this page are Legacy Products that are no longer in production.


How to Rig

All Pakula Hybrids sold are pre-rigged using high quality components, so you can see the correct method of rigging by examining the rig that comes with the lure. There are also basic instructions on the back of the lure's packaging. The leader and hook are the correct size for the average sized tackle used for the relative sized lure. There may be circumstances where you believe that the leader length or thickness or hook set up isn't applicable for your situation. Or you may simply not trust pre-rigged items and prefer to rig your tackle yourself. The following will explain how and why the rig is set up the way it is and show you a very quick way of rigging Hybrids to maximise their effectiveness.

In this article it is assumed you have read the Guide To Help Understanding Rigging Pakula Dojo PecheHybrids and that you have a basic knowledge of rigging skirted lures and using basic rigging tools. If not please refer to the Pakula web site, article section on Rigging Bits and General Rigging Notes.


Step 1: When you cut your leader allow for the length of the lure plus an extra 6 inches or 150mm. Lay the hook end along side the lure and leave the extra 6 inches / 150mm out past the end of the lure. Position a crimp so that it's upper edge is level with the back of the head where it meets the lure body. This is where the Deadlock Tapered Tube is inside the Skeleton.


Step 2: The Lock Crimp should be big enough to lock inside the tapered tube and not small enough to pull through the front of the lure. Generally the same size crimp that you will use for the hook will be the right size. As with all crimping you should have a snug fit. In this case as shown you may need to put a small piece of leader in the crimp to pack it out so that the crimp will not slip after it has been pressed. Note that for crimping nylon you should only use oval aluminium crimps.


Step 3: Thread the lure on the leader putting the end that will attach to the rod and reel first and the hook end with the crimp on it at the other end. If you have difficulty threading the leader you can use a loop of rigging wire to help pull the leader through quickly and easily.

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Step 4: Hold the lure by the skeleton and body area and pull the leader with at least the force of the drag setting you are likely to use. The crimp will tackle all the force of the lure dragging in the water and the forces of a fish grabbing it. By testing it you can be sure that the crimp will not slip or pull through the lure head. If it does then of course you either have to re press the crimp if it slips or use a larger crimp and pack it with extra bits of line or leader to make sure it will work properly.




Step 5: Making sure that the crimp has been pulled tightly into the tapered tube, pinch the leader up tight against where it exits the tail, pull it out and pinch it. This gives you the position of the leader where it leaves the lure.


Step 6: Choosing the correct sized hook to use with Pakula Hybrids is the same as choosing hooks for skirted trolling lures. The gape of the hook should be about the same size as the diameter of the lure head. Using an over sized hook will adversely affect both Hybrid and Skirted Lure performance.



Step 7: Thread the crimp, chaffing gear and hook on the leader. Crimp the hook in position so that it is above the pinched area that marks the end of the lure. The best position is the eye positioned in the Rig Support Area with the hook eye just inside tail supports with the hook point in line with the Top Tail Fin.



Step 8: The rig is now ready to position in the lure. Dojo Hooks are very sharp so it is advisable to place the hook around something such as a cleat or in this case a drawer handle. This also makes it easier to line the hook up with the top tail fin. Hold the leader taught and hold the lure around its mid section and ease the lure down the rig setting the Lock Crimp in the Skeleton's tapered tube and also line up the hook in the Rig Support Area. The Rig should fit easily without stretching and deforming the Hybrid's tail.


Step 9: The Hybrid is now ready to use. Check that the hook is in the correct position as shown in the image. If during use you find that the hook doesn't remain in position you can pack out the hook rig area with electrical tape or a drop of super glue.