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Pakula Original Hothead Lures

Pakula Original Hothead® Series Traditional Pakula Insert, Lumo Eyes, UV2 Additives These hard head Polyurethane

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Pakula Paua Hothead - Softease

Pakula Paua Hothead® - Softease® Paua Insert, Lumo Face, UV2 Additives, Softease Soft Polyurethane In 199

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Pakula Paua Jets - Softease

Pakula Paua Jets - Softease® Lures Jets, Keeled, Paua Insert, Lumo Face, UV2 Additives, Softease Soft Polyure

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Pakula 3D Lures

Pakula 3D Lures Pakula Tackle is the first company to offer production 3D Printed Skirted Trolling Lures.

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Welcome to Pakula Tackle

pete 02Pakula Tackle Australis offers inovative big game fishing tackle, including big game lures, big game hooks, trolling lure skirts, rigs, tools and accessories.Pakula Tackle introduced Lumo and UV additives to world of game fishing. In fact Lumo is a Pakula registered trade mark! All our lures both heads and skirts have our new UV2 additives. It is quite likely that out of all the lure makers Pakula Tackle has offered anglers far more than any other.

At Pakula Tackle Australia we do much more than just design and produce some of the world's best performing lures, we pride ourselves on great service, advice and our dedication to providing you with cutting edge "how to" articles and videos, and you can get Peter Pakula on our live chat anytime for advice, but please note he is on Australian time.

Pakula AdditivesLumo, UV2, UVAten.

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Pakula Articles

The Art of Lure Trolling
/ by Peter Pakula

The Art of Trolling Skirted Lures by Peter Pakula Updated version written in September 2014 The original version of t

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Pakula Success Story
/ by Peter Pakula

The Pakula Success Story Want the best results? In 1997 we celebrated our 10th Anniversary, ten years since Pakula Tac

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Gear and Lure Maintenance
/ by Peter Pakula

Gear and Lure Maintenance by Peter Pakula Prevention You can prolong the life of your fishing tackle by putting prote

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Wind-on Leader Pros and Cons
/ by Peter Pakula

Wind-on Leader Pros and Cons Bluewater Magazine 2005 Tech Speaking - original word files by Peter Pakula Part 1: Why Y

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Lure Colours
/ by Peter Pakula

  The Pakula® Multitech™ Skirted Lure Colours For all current Ranges of Pakula Lures It was Peter Pakula wh

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Custom Lures and Acessories
/ by Peter Pakula

Clubs and Promotions   Over the years we are very proud to be involved in special events such as tourname

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Pakula Paua Jets - Softease
/ by Peter Pakula

Pakula Paua Jets - Softease® Lures Jets, Keeled, Paua Insert, Lumo Face, UV2 Additives, Softease Soft Polyure

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Pakula 3D Shredders
/ by Peter Pakula

Pakula 3D Shredder™ The 1st Production 3D Lures, UV2 Additives, ABS, Venturi Jets The Shredde

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Pakula News and InformationFrom our Facebook Pages

Not that we had noted it but 2014 signalled 20years since my brother Craig who was 16 and myself at…

Hi Peter

I'm that guy in the Canary Islands that ordered lures from you last May and thought it was…

Pakula Story Fishing World November 1998 by Col Roberts

The name 'Pakula' conjures up images of,…


This lure has caught two blue marlin 140 & 160kg and now 110kg bluefin all in last four months! -…


On the afternoon of the last day of the #2014 East Cape Offshore Guilarro and his #TeamNAUTAHORSE…


what's left of our "sprocket" - still working .... can't retire it. This one has raised more fish…


Been using my pakula shredder as a teaser white marlin fishing caught ten on Thursday had 30 bites…


IGFA Great Marlin Race and Pakula Tackle

Once in a while a project comes up that gives us an…


Just been digging through some old photos. Found this one from 2006 where myself, Jay Graham, Brent…


This the 3D printed Shredder prototype released to the market

In discussions with Kyle Peet when…


We had a fantastic day with the Penn Boys off Sydney. We managed to crack both Trev and Ben's first…


I had the pleasure of crewing for two days in the Dampier Classic aboard Reckless skippered by the…


Another Win!!

From Dampier Western Australia Conversation started today Jake Swaffer 22:30



mailchimp header pakula02

Peter Ok, you guys have beaten me into submission!!! We are out of control and can't get orders out as fast as we are getting them. We'll do our best to catch up and sorry for the delay in getting your orders out to you.
Compleat Angler Melbourne Love a cabinet full of Pakula lures. What's your favourite colour?
Peter I guess there's nothing harder than dragging guys along with new stuff when they thought they were doing so well with the old. Guys think their 30 year old Pakula's are great, which I'm thankfull for, but they aren't as good as our new stuff. From Brad Philipps yesterday: "Hi Peter, I hate to ask, but am slowly assembling a collection of what really works, and it does change all the time but that medium Sprocket WITH JETS is red hot at times. it beats the older version without jets I bought from you a while back hands down! i only got one from you recently that Fallen Angel, my fault for only asking for the mouses, and very thankful u included it! Is there any chance I could get another Medium Sprocket (WITH JETS) in Fallen Angel, Screamer, Illusion and a Dark Angel Lumo (the last two i am sure will be hot in Cape Verde as well, on the long or shotgun when the blues are feeding on smaller baits), it’ll be good in Guatemala also, as will most of the angles I would think. I’ll send u a photo tomorrow of how chewed up that fallen angel has gotten in the past month, it’s been working hard, the super glue is just holding the skirts together, and almost cut off a few times as I often fish it long where the drop backs or hook-ups get wrapped up or cut it off. it does not feel good to know I don’t have replacement ready to go should it ‘fall' forever! Capt. Brad Philipps Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures
The Scene Fishing Large range of Pakula lures have just landed in time for the C2C tuna comp including the 7" Jet bullet in several colours, Uzi, Fluzi, Mossie and Cockroach all in proven SBT colours.
Peter Been asked by quite a few what colour Flippy Floppy's we have: Here they are
Chris These are just a few of my favorites :)
Sunshine Coast Game Fishing Club Captain Pakula Lures Demo Night Exciting news for our members and friends of the SCGFC that Peter Pakula will be sharing his experience and great product at our 27th January meeting, 7.30pm Kawana Waters Hotel. All fisherfolk welcome and a perfect opportunity to hone your skills before the SCGFC Classic on the 4th-7th February
John Pakula black Betty photo Ryan mander.
Peter Squidnation Flippy Floppy's and Pakula 12" and 24" dredges with Pakula Flash Strips are back in stock. The 12" dredge is perfect for trailer boats as the store easily in a bucket!!
Michael Organised a few Pakulas for my Qld based bro-in-law in time for Xmas, and a mini sprocket in Evil Angel accounted for one of our blacks yesterday, and my first Marlin on spin gear.
Doug Burts Tackle World Gold Coast Huge Seminar This Thursday 7th Jan, 7pm start Marlin Fishing with the Guru .......Peter Pakula. Peter will be giving us a seminar not to forget ... Marlin Fishing in full depth from A-Z... Whether your boat is 4meters long or 40 meters... Peter will teach us everything needed to know to catch a Marlin from any size craft with the best results... Lucky door prizes on the night plus a MEGA SALE....HUGE 25% discount off all Pakula lures, rigs and 25% off the standard marked prices of our largest range of game fishing tackle in Qld. See you there !!
Rafael Pakula Lures, doble captura, Feliz Año Nuevo Peter un abrazo
KBE Anglers Hub - Knot Big Enuff We're thrilled to be stockiest of one of the most respected and sought after trolling lure out there, Pakula Lures coming straight from Australia to us at The Hub, stay tuned ... #KnotBigEnuff_Dubai #KBEAnglersHub #WhenFiahingIsAPassion #WhenNothingButTheBestMatters #FishingFreaks #AdduSportFishing #KBE #SportsFishing #FishingUAE #FishingInDubai #GulfFishing #topwateraddiction #topwater #gtpopping #gamefishing #biggamefishing #sportfishing #catchandrelease
Peter Our T'shirts are now available Sorry for the delay.
Sam Pete got this nice one yesterday on a pacemaker......put on a display like i have never seen before......crossed the wake in the air with a mouth full of dojos!!!! Also got 5 other bites and caught two more , all other bites were on the lumo and blue shredders.....speaking of which i may need to replace one!!! Cheers


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