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Pakula Original Hothead Lures

Pakula Original Hothead® Series Hard PU Heads, Classic Pakula Insert, Lumo Eyes, UV2 Additives These hard head re

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Pakula Paua Hothead - Softease

Pakula Paua Hothead® - Softease® Paua Insert, Lumo Face, UV2 Additives, Softease Soft Polyurethane In 199

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Pakula Paua Jets - Softease

Pakula Paua Jets - Softease® Jets, Keeled, Paua Insert, Lumo Face, UV2 Additives, Softease Soft Polyurethane

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Pakula 3D Lures

Pakula 3D Lures Pakula Tackle is the first company to offer production 3D Printed Skirted Trolling Lures. This

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Welcome to Pakula Tackle

pete 02Pakula Tackle Australis offers inovative big game fishing tackle, including big game lures, big game hooks, trolling lure skirts, rigs, tools and accessories.Pakula Tackle introduced Lumo and UV additives to world of game fishing. In fact Lumo is a Pakula registered trade mark! All our lures both heads and skirts have our new UV2 additives. It is quite likely that out of all the lure makers Pakula Tackle has offered anglers far more than any other.

At Pakula Tackle Australia we do much more than just design and produce some of the world's best performing lures, we pride ourselves on great service, advice and our dedication to providing you with cutting edge "how to" articles and videos, and you can get Peter Pakula on our live chat anytime for advice, but please note he is on Australian time.

Pakula AdditivesLumo, UV2, UVAten.

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Pakula Articles

The Art of Lure Trolling
/ by Peter Pakula

The Art of Trolling Skirted Lures by Peter Pakula Updated version written in September 2014 The original version of t

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Pakula Success Story
/ by Peter Pakula

The Pakula Success Story Want the best results? In 1997 we celebrated our 10th Anniversary, ten years since Pakula Tac

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Gear and Lure Maintenance
/ by Peter Pakula

Gear and Lure Maintenance by Peter Pakula Prevention You can prolong the life of your fishing tackle by putting prote

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Wind-on Leader Pros and Cons
/ by Peter Pakula

Wind-on Leader Pros and Cons Bluewater Magazine 2005 Tech Speaking - original word files by Peter Pakula Part 1: Why Y

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Lure Colours
/ by Peter Pakula

Pakula® Skirted Lure Colours For all current Ranges of Pakula Lures All lure heads and skirts contain more UV™, a

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Custom Lures and Acessories
/ by Peter Pakula

Clubs and Promotions   Over the years we are very proud to be involved in special events such as tourname

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Pakula Paua Jets - Softease
/ by Peter Pakula

Pakula Paua Jets - Softease® Jets, Keeled, Paua Insert, Lumo Face, UV2 Additives, Softease Soft Polyurethane

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Pakula 3D Shredders
/ by Peter Pakula

Pakula 3D Shredder™ The 1st Production 3D Lures, UV2 Additives, ABS, Venturi Jets The Shredde

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Pakula News and InformationFrom our Facebook Pages

Not that we had noted it but 2014 signalled 20years since my brother Craig who was 16 and myself at…

Hi Peter

I'm that guy in the Canary Islands that ordered lures from you last May and thought it was…

Pakula Story Fishing World November 1998 by Col Roberts

The name 'Pakula' conjures up images of,…


This lure has caught two blue marlin 140 & 160kg and now 110kg bluefin all in last four months! -…


On the afternoon of the last day of the #2014 East Cape Offshore Guilarro and his #TeamNAUTAHORSE…


what's left of our "sprocket" - still working .... can't retire it. This one has raised more fish…


Been using my pakula shredder as a teaser white marlin fishing caught ten on Thursday had 30 bites…


IGFA Great Marlin Race and Pakula Tackle

Once in a while a project comes up that gives us an…


Just been digging through some old photos. Found this one from 2006 where myself, Jay Graham, Brent…


This the 3D printed Shredder prototype released to the market

In discussions with Kyle Peet when…


We had a fantastic day with the Penn Boys off Sydney. We managed to crack both Trev and Ben's first…


I had the pleasure of crewing for two days in the Dampier Classic aboard Reckless skippered by the…


Another Win!!

From Dampier Western Australia Conversation started today Jake Swaffer 22:30



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Peter Still calm and sunny in Palau 85lb Yellowfin off the edge of the reef
Peter I'm off to where the Rainbow ends - where there's no need for dreams Palau Back in a couple of weeks ............... maybe
SHOK Fishing Tournaments With only a few tuna uploaded so far this Pakula lure pack could be yours TUNA COMP! Want to get your hands on this Pakula Lures and Tackle prize pack? If so you're going to have to earn it! HOW: Upload the best SBF Tuna or YF Tuna you have caught onto the SHOK Fishing app. RULES: Photos must be uploaded on the SHOK Fishing app and make sure you are in the photo. We will choose the winner on the 1st of June 2015. SHOK Fishing app available here: Google Play iTunes Get out there and 'Live for the Moment' #tuna #comp #fishing #australia #pakula #lures
Peter Pakula School 4th and 5th of July 2015 Compleat Angler Ringwood 03 9870 7792 Sorry I've left it so late. It's been nuts here. This school is pretty much sold out, but hopefully Lofty will have a spot for you.
Tackle To You ****** GIVEAWAY TIME AGAIN ****** As we get closer to opening day, we will be announcing some of the suppliers that will be stocking the shelves at Tackle To You and with each announcement, we'll be giving away an item from that supplier....simple! First giveaway comes from iconic Aussie lure maker Pakula Tackle Australia. Tackle To You will be stocking a range of Pakula lures as well as Dojo hooks, Pakula shackles, rigs and more so stay tuned... Now everyone knows that Pakula lures come in thousands of different shapes, sizes and colours...what we want to know is: WHICH IS YOUR FAVOURITE? Enter the comp and you could WIN A FREE PAKULA PAUA LURE!! How to enter: 1. Like this post 2. Share THIS post either on your timeline or on a page you're a member of 3. If you aren't already, head over to and become a member 4. Let us know, in the comments section below, in 25 words or less, which of the following Pakula Softease lures you wouldn't leave home without and why! Remember, this competition is open to Tackle To You MEMBERS ONLY; so if you aren't one already, you must register to be eligible. Make sure you're FOLLOWING the Tackle To You Facebook page to keep up to date with all that's going on. Competition closes Sunday 17/05/15 at 2359hrs AEST. Winner will be announced by Tuesday 19/05/15....GOTTO BE IN IT TO WIN IT!!
Peter Sorry for the delay in answering phone calls. messenger, and emails. We sneaked away for a long weekend at Uncle Billy's in Ben Lomond NSW. Caught heaps in perfect mild weather. Just what we needed! Ok - back to work :)
Everol Reels Fan Club Peter lurks about the reel club from time to time but these lures have come through for me often. The big Sail I caught on the Everol Trip to Mazatlan was on a Pakula soft head that was wet for about 30 seconds after a blank of a day and on the way in. You guys should try pakula lures. Peter is a club member here. BigMike
Tommy Bubba macks at mooloolaba on lumo pakula
Peter ANZAC Shield 2015 on Brilliant Company random photos
Peter Love big fish in little boats!! From Robbie Adamo Hi peter just informing you that my partner Amy Jobson aboard our boat Jiggy-Jig on your Evil Angel Medium Sprocket in South Australia on 24kg. It's a pending women's world record it was a five and a half hour fight for her the Bluefin. The weight was 124.8kg. Just thought i would let you know as its on one of your lures. A mate also go a 80kg on the evil angle as well also on long comer. They just love that lure. Thanks Rob
Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures 'Decisive' wins the 'No-Sancocho' Tournament of Guatemala. Taking the daily on each day of the event as top boat for a resounding overall win. Capt. Brad Philipps and his long-time mates Kennendy and Johnny are three for three on tournament wins this season! Fishing has been great and the event was a resounding success, thank you to the hosts and all the sponsors! Close to U$9,000 of 'Sancocho' money was raised for a local school from the event! Pelagic Bluefin Usa - Alutecnos, Makaira Pulling Lures, Eagle Claw Fishing, Pakula Lures and Tackle Squidnation
Compleat Angler Geelong Heading out on the Tuna? We've got all your lure needs covered. Just check out this lot of Pakula lures!
March Marlin Offshore fishing trip out of Galveston, Tx on 54' Viking, "Turnin' 2 Da Right"
Peter A big thank you to the Palau Sports Fishing Association and the Bank of Hawaii for putting my trip to Palau's Etpison Cup together to help celebrate their 25th Tournament. See you soon! Excited!
Daniel Cockroach, back in the day
Peter Pakula Talk Compleat Angler Ringwood 14th April at 7pm in store
Scott A huge thanks goes out to SHOK for their awesome online fishing app and the great sponsors they have on board. Prizes turned up today from Pakula and the boys from SHOK themselves for taking out the jew category ! Thanks once again and keep up the great work
Peter Charter Boat Page We've been asked to put up a page on our website showing Charter Boats thatr use Pakula Lures. If you run a charter boat and use Pakula Lures please PM me if you'd like to be included in the page.
Peter From Angela Greenhalgh - Whangarei - New Zealand Hi Jo, Had a very exciting day on the water on Saturday, but ended up with three blue marlin fighting over our White Lumo, long and short of it, one hooked up on the White Lumo, another hooked up on one of your skippy lures, which we had on 10kg, and then the third came back to the White Lumo which was now at the top end of the trace and broke off the first fish. 3 1/2 hours later the 10kg line broke off, after the marlin had died on us. End result, one stuffed shimano reel, best lure lost, not to mention the skippy lure, plus one very deflated teenage son. All that aside, the kids still came in second in the Bay of Islands small boats tournament. Looking forward to Easter, hope you all have a good one. Kind regards Angela
Peter Hi Peter,Jo. Thought I would just send you my brothers email. You helped me with the order for him which I took over to South Africa in January. Looks like it paid off for him. My brother is the guy with the goaty beard and wearing the long jeans in the middle on the left of the guy with the cup. These guys all fish from ski boats which they launch off of beaches as ramps are very few and far between. All the best, Mike Moore. Begin forwarded message: For your information the Pakula 3d print lures did their job Lumo green) and brought a nice 14,6kg Yellow fin tuna to the boat on 6kg line which is a 189 point fish using IGFA rules, points we were able to double by getting species and a multiplication factor, which in turn gave Jorg Schulz top angler of the tournament, Nauti Boy top boat of the competition and Nomads top club out of the 6 SGDSAA clubs taking part. As Captain “ek was baie gelukkig” ( I was very happy)-is the translation. Regards Mitchell Moore
Peter from Michael Fava 5 hrs · Eden NSW Greatest day of my fishing life with my dad, have wanted to get him a marlin for so long well we got two in 70m, 11km out front of twofold after getting hammered by waves early on. Both fish the same Pakula lumo sprocket the massive one was released the small one kept. Last day of our week has been a good one.
Doug 154.5 Kg Blue on a Pakula lure .. Fish came up close to dead after just 45 min fight but made huge initial runs..
Peter Stephanie Osgood Choate on the wire In Exmouth fishing the Happy Ending Tourney on Peak Sportsfishing with her dad Tim Choate on the rod, skipper Eddie and mate Muzza.
Peter In Exmouth fishing the Happy Ending Tourney on Peak Sportsfising with Stephanie Osgood Choate dad Tim Choate skipper Eddie and mate Muzza on a 5 tag day.


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